Doug Casey on the (Domestic) War on Terror 2.0

The only silver lining in a domestic war on terror is that it may lead to the break up of the U.S. From Doug Casey at

War on Terror 2.0

International Man: Previously, Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook de-platformed the sitting president of the US.

These companies have censored and de-platformed others for deviating from the mainstream message on their platforms.

Are we seeing the beginning of widespread censorship in the country? What comes next?

Doug Casey: A friend of mine sent me a quote from Ayn Rand the other day. Rand was without doubt one of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century. In fact, people’s reaction to her and her ideas acts as a litmus test for how they feel about almost everything in life.

Rand said, “Once a country accepts censorship of the press and of speech, then nothing can be won without violence. Therefore, so long as you have free speech, protect it. This is the life and death issue in this country: do not give up the freedom of the press, of newspapers, books, magazines, television, radios, movies, and every other form of presenting ideas. So long as that’s free, a peaceful intellectual turn is possible.”

She’s 100% correct.

Media platforms and Big Tech are overreaching at this point. By doing so, they’ve brought the whole situation to a head. It’s going to go one way or another and probably wind up with violence, especially as the economy falls apart, and inflation gets out of control. Or we will have catastrophic deflation. Or both.

It could evolve into a situation similar to that of Germany in the early 1920s when right-wing and left-wing groups were fighting in the streets. As I’ve been saying for several years, a police state is a near certainty, and some form of civil war is a real possibility. The best solution is secession, a peaceful breakup. But that seems impossible for any number of reasons.

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