Interview with Andrei, the Saker

Perhaps because so many Russians have already gone through a collapse, they harbor no illusions. That perspective is helpful, it counters the dominant American perspective, which is nothing but illusions. From Andrei, the Saker, and Michael Hudson at

Interview of Michael Hudson by Andrei The Saker, August 2022


Key: ATS = Andrei The Saker; MH = Michael Hudson

ATS: Well first of all, Michael, a huge, huge thank you for agreeing to this conversation. It’s a big pleasure for me to have you here, it’s a big honour too, and I really look forward to getting your insight as to what’s happening, ’cause there’s a lot happening right now. The first thing I want to ask you about is a current event then we can go into deeper things. What do you make of Pelosi landing in Taiwan and how do you see … what is this all about, what’s happening here?

MH: Well I think in what you just wrote today you made it all clear. There’s really no practical effect of what she did, so why should China have actually done something military and then something provocative. What Pelosi did is a public relations ploy, she wanted to get more votes in California, and one third of California are Chinese and she thought that that would help. So why should China react materially to something that is just a stunt, and I think you’re quite right, best to wait and see what the outcome of this is. We have no idea … midnight there, so we don’t know what is happening or will be happening. We don’t know what the Chinese will do, especially seeing that the downward direction of US relations with the rest of the world is, it’s bungling everything clumsily so you don’t want to interrupt it while it’s doing that. Let’s see where it goes.

And the rest of the world is seeing just what you’re seeing, the US is pulling a stunt that is a very dangerous stunt and it’s trying to use salami tactics, a little bit here a little bit there just keep pushing and cutting and see what’s going to happen. I think there’ll be indeed some time that China responds when it’s appropriate and the time will be of China’s choosing not that of the United States.

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