So-Called ‘Climate Change’ as Seen by the Public Is Not the Problem; But Weather Geoengineering Is Destroying Everything on Earth? By Gary D. Barnett

We have no idea what they’re dumping on us from the air above. From Gary D. Barnett at

“We are all inmates in a global asylum; the bars that enclose us are visible to any who choose to see.”

Dane Wigington—Creator and lead researcher for Geoengineering Watch

I will preface my comments here by accepting the fact that this subject matter is foreign to many, while being ignored by most. Those in the past who entered into this conversation were exposed to extreme criticism, name calling, scathing reproach, and viewed as insane conspiracy nuts. I have experienced this myself on many occasions. This subject is complicated, and geoengineering can be used in any number of ways to cause great harm, such as weather manipulation, a myriad of extreme health problems, sickness, and death. It can also be used as a bioweapon, and can be used against those exposed to these toxic concoctions of nanoparticles through controlling psychological and physiological means. This initial essay is an overview, but I hope to offer more concentrated and in-depth analysis in a later writing.

Weather geoengineering is considered very controversial, but it is not controversial in any regard; it is a fact, and has been happening for decades. Some claim, and I think correctly, that this is the biggest threat to life on this planet. It is not that normal human activity is destroying the health of the earth due to the common misunderstanding of ‘man-made global warming’ believers, but weather geoengineering is most definitely and aggressively harming every lifeform on this planet. All plants and animals, including of course humans, have been, and are being, devastated by massive amounts of metals, toxic chemicals, and nanoparticles being let lose in the skies and atmosphere of this country and the world; this not even considering all the other poisons in our food, daily use products, and massive spraying of poisons for weeds, yards, highways, and agriculture.

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