The new epidemic of self-silencing plagues America, by Rajan Laad

Don’t silence yourself, make them shut you up. From Rajan Laad at

A new study by the Populace organization revealed the obvious: that Americans are “self-silencing” — people saying what they think others want to hear rather than what they truly feel.

People often reshape their privately held views to conform to what they think their group believes, despite that assessment frequently being inaccurate.  This causes the illusion of consensus.

The following are two of the most significant revelations from the study:

  • Four times as many Democrats say corporate CEOs should take a public stand on social issues (44%) than actually care (11%).
  • On education, one in three Democrats think parents should have more influence over public school curricula.  However, only one in four dares to say it publicly.

In the current climate, it is the left that is championing the idea of groupthink, which leftists claim is the only “appropriate” way of thinking.

Under the guise of being woke, the left is “canceling” dissenters and rendering them outcasts, often by inventing claims of bigotry.  Wokeism that claims to emanate from empathy is merely a euphemism for totalitarianism.

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