The FBI Raid on Trump’s Home at Mar-a-Lago is an Act of War of the Government on its Citizens, by Boyd D. Cathey

If they can witch hunt a former president they can witch hunt anyone. From Boyd D. Cathey at

Since the August 8, 2022, FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, the American media has literally deluged us with story after story on what certainly is a pivotal point in modern American history. Every news outlet, every broadcast network, and most major political leaders have offered their take, their interpretations; as well, the courts have gotten involved, with Obama-appointed judges leading the way. And for all intents and purposes, whatever the real contents of those boxes of records turn out to be, assuredly we shall all be drenched over the remainder of this election season (and probably much longer) by the continual barrage of hysterically strident voices in the legacy media: hyped-accusations, chimerical charges, and spurious claims about how once again this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald J. Trump is a clear and present “threat to our democracy” and, according to the solemn judgment of former CIA director, Michael Hayden, must be executed for “high treason”!

Let me repeat that: one of the most significant members of our so-called “Intelligence agencies” is calling for the summary execution of a US president—and he is not the only senior official in the administrative managerial apparatus known as the Deep State to demand something similar.

The Mar-a-Lago raid, in fact, has nothing to do with classified records, and if you should take a government official aside, perhaps after several shots of Jack Daniels or Chivas Regal, he will privately admit that to you. In fact, probably everyone in “official” Washington knows that.

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