Lessons in Political Leadership From Europe’s Cokeheads, by Declan Hayes

If Europe’s leaders are addicted to cocaine—ego candy—it would explain a lot. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

ust as everyone who wears a cocked hat is not a Napoleon, so also does Truss copying her sartorial style from former British Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher not make her a leader.

Finland’s Prime Minister, acting like Eva Braun in the last days of Hitler’s bunker, answers my earlier question as to whether Finland’s warrior women will cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon. Judging by her alleged drug use and her propensity to ‘party‘ to sun-up like a Las Vegas whore with the dregs of Finnish society, Russia should fear Sanna Marin’s psychoses much more than her leadership abilities in times of war. Field Marshal Mannerheim on Colombia’ snow slopes she is not.

And Josep Borrel, the EU’s Foreign Affairs head honcho, ain’t no Talleyrand or Metternich. And, according to this dumpling’s own words, he ain’t no Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s long serving Foreign Minister, who is a polyglot of some repute. Borrel’s beef with Lavrov is that Lavrov, commanding international respect, is newsworthy while Borrel, like Marin, is just there to look pretty and keep their white powder dry.

The real problem here, and one I previously observed in Tokyo, is Russia and China, as well as the U.S., Britain, France and even tiny Ireland, bring gravitas to the party and Borrel’s EU does not because, firstly, unlike Lavrov’s Russia, the EU has nothing beneath the bonnet and, secondly, overpaid, incompetent careerists like Borrel and that awful von der Leyen woman are at the wheel. They are rudderless, like Marin without the mushrooms or Zelensky and Hunter Biden without the Colombian ski slopes to prep them up. They are not leaders. They are, as previous articles explained, the maidservants and toadies of the Beltway’s very worst Americans.

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