Gavin McInnes Raided by Feds Live on Air, Allegedly Sitting in Jail Right Now, by Andrew Anglin

This is quite disturbing, whatever you think of Gavin McInnes. What’s just as disturbing is that there’s been almost no press, mainstream or alternative, about it. This was the only article I’ve seen. From Andrew Anglin at

On Thursday night, political commentator and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was arrested by federal law enforcement live on air.

McInnes is seen sitting in his hosting chair – which is a very cheap, bad chair – and looks toward someone entering the studio.

“We’re shooting a show, can we do this another time?” McInnes asks. He then gets up from his chair, which was a big mistake. He should have remained at the mic. Once they break into your house, you know you’re getting arrested, so there is no point in trying to talk to them, and if he’d remained in front of the camera and mic, he could have a very sympathetic scene spammed all over the internet.

After he steps off camera, you can hear him saying he’d be happy to talk to them but he needs his lawyer. You then can’t hear much. Someone pumped up the audio from the clip, and you can sort of hear chatter, and maybe someone saying “federal investigation.”

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