Before the October Surprise comes the August-September PSYOP polls, by Rajan Laad

Except a bevy of polls showing the Democrats doing far better than the miserable state of the country would indicate. If the elections are honest (a huge if), expect pundit after pundit to profess surprise at how poorly the Democrats do in the actual election. From Rajan Laad at

For every election cycle, a few months prior to voting day, pollsters release surveys that show Democrats leading with wide margins. The media gleefully amplify these polls.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon.

Back in 1980, Reagan was trailing Carter trailing by 8% even in some mid-October polls. Reagan ended up winning the 1980 general election in a landslide.

In 2016, pollsters said with certitude that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. The New York Times proclaimed she has a 91 percent chance of winning. Trump won that election by a respectable margin in the electoral college.

In 2020, Trump was supposed to lose to Biden by a landslide. In reality, Trump secured 10 million more votes than in 2016, despite the media onslaught for four years, Democrat electoral malpractice, and suppression of all anti Biden stories. Trump received 7 million more votes than any sitting president in American history.

We are months before an election and various Democrat mouthpieces are doing the very same thing.

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