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Fake Elections Are The New Normal, by Dr. Joseph Sansone

It’s a tossup as to which is more insulting to our intelligence: that the 2020 election was free and fair or that the 2022 election was free and fair. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at josephsansone.substack.com:

The predicted red wave in the 2022 midterm elections turned out to be a mere splash. Media analysts will read the tea leaves and decipher what this means about GOP messaging and other apparently insightful lessons to be learned. This is all BS. This election was possibly more fraudulent than the 2020 election.

In 2020 Trump likely won by 10-12 million votes or more. I make that assertion based on the number of votes Trump received in his reelection campaign above the number of votes that Obama received, the number of votes Clinton was awarded, and the alleged attribution of voted to Biden. Biden allegedly received 81 million votes, Obama received 69 million, and Trump supposedly only 74 million. I have yet to find anyone to explain how Biden could possibly receive more votes than Obama while hiding in his basement. Biden probably received less votes than Hillary Clinton which was about 65 million. In Florida, Trump actually received 1.1 million more votes than DeSantis in his recent landslide victory. Nationwide, Trump received more votes than any sitting president in history.

Currently, the economy is dismal, inflation out of control, and 75% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. In addition to these salient facts, for the past two and half years, Democrat governors have been acting like total fascists. Yet, we are to believe that Democrats gained two governor’s seats and one senate seat? This defies all logic and reason and is total BS.

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Showdown Slow Down, by James Howard Kunstler

We might have all the election results by New Year’s. Or perhaps not. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

What’s up with dragging out the vote count in Arizona and Nevada, promising to deliver the last 20-percent of the count by a certain hour and then missing their deadline more than once, while dribbling out a few packets of, shall we say, choice cuts, here and there? I’ll tell you what: an organized mind-fuck. The Democrats are aiming to demoralize their adversaries and exhaust them psychologically so that when victory finally comes, the winners will be too emotionally depleted to do their end-zone dances — and the voters will be too dispirited to cheer.

In Arizona, of course, you have the peculiar situation in which the Democratic Party’s candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs, happens to be the state secretary of state, meaning the official in charge of elections. You’d think she’d be embarrassed at blowing two ballot counts in a row, or that a court somewhere might show an interest in her amazingly convenient incompetence in this particular official duty. In any case, the drama continued through early morning Friday.

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Big Picture, 2022 Midterm Elections Highlight the Distinct Difference Between Ballots and Votes, by Sundance

Democrats collect ballots, not votes, and there’s a big difference between the two. From Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes.  It appears in some states this is the ‘new normal.’

Where votes were the focus, the Biden administration suffered losses.  Where ballots were the focus, the Biden administration won.

Perhaps the two states most reflective of ‘ballots’ being more important than ‘votes’ are Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Despite negative polling and public opinion toward two specific candidates in those states, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman achieved victories.

Whitmer and Fetterman were not campaigning for votes, that is old school. Instead, the machinery behind both candidates focused on the modern path. The Democrat machines in both states focused on ballot collection and ignored the irrelevant votes as cast.

Since the advent of ballot centric focus through mail-in and collection drop-off processes, votes have become increasingly less valuable amid the organizers who wish to control election outcomes.  As a direct and specific result, ballot collection has become the key to Democrat party success.

The effort to attain votes for candidates is less important than the strategy of collecting ballots.

It should be emphasized; these are two distinctly different election systems.

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A Nation Rejoices! A Humiliating Defeat for Trump! By Ann Coulter

Trump’s chosen candidates didn’t do so well. From Ann Coulter at townhall.com:

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

On an otherwise disastrous night for Republicans, who were the biggest winners?

ANSWER: Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida and Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia — the two Republicans Donald Trump hates with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns.

Which Republicans most underperformed?

ANSWER: Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania and Herschel Walker in Georgia — two nominees hand-picked by Trump.

The first horror of a long Tuesday night came soon after the polls closed in Pennsylvania, with the GOP gubernatorial nominee, Mastriano, getting clobbered. Some of the tipoffs that Mastriano might not have been the strongest candidate for the GOP were:

— A week before the primary, he spoke at a QAnon rally, featuring a film claiming 9/11 was an inside job and that John F. Kennedy Jr. was assassinated because he “knew too much.”

— He called abortion the “No. 1 issue” and promised to ban all abortions with no exceptions even for rape, incest or the life of the mother. He also said women who violated the ban should be charged with murder.

— He vowed to de-register all Pennsylvania voters and make them re-register to vote and said that, as governor, he would choose who was allowed to certify elections.

Naturally, Trump endorsed him. After all, Mastriano had slavishly supported the ex-president’s stolen election claims — convening slates of fake electors and even showing up at the Capitol on Jan. 6. That’s just the ticket for a purple state, no?

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Another Stolen Election, by Paul Craig Roberts

SLL and others predicted widespread election fraud and it looks like we were right. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

This time it is CNN’s own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election.

Today November 9, 2022, updated at 10:49 AM EST, CNN reporters Zachary B. Wolf and Curt Merrill remarked that the widely expected red wave did not materialize and then went on to present data that is inconsistent with the closeness of the voting.

The reporters compare the exit polls from the 2018 elections with those of the 2022 elections.  The comparisons show that the Democrats lost support in Tuesday’s elections among women, moderates, youth, people of color, urban voters, college graduates, and independents.


The Democrats’ support among women declined from 19 points favorable to Democrats to only 8 points.  Republican support among men rose from 4 points over Democrats to 14 points.

By age, the preference for Democrats over Republicans for 18-29 years of age declined from 35 points to 28 and for 30-44 years of age from 19 points to 4.  Republican support over Democrats rose from 1 to 10 points for those 45-64 years of age and from 2 to 12 points for those 65 and older.

White men’s preference for Republicans increased from 21 to 28 points. White women moved from a 50-50 split to an 8 point preference for Republicans.  Black women’s preference for Democrats declined from 85 points to 78.  Black men’s preference for Democrats declined from 76 points to 65.  Latina women’s preference for democrats fell from 47 points to 33; and Latino men’s preference for Democrats fell from 29 points to 8.

Urban voters preference for Democrats declined from 33 points over Republicans to 17 points. Suburban and Rural voters preferences for Republicans rose by 6 points and 15 points.

Democrats also lost support among white and black college graduates.  Among white votes without college degrees the preference for Republicans rose by 10 points.

Among moderates, the preference for Democrats eroded from 26 points to 15. Among conservatives the Republican advantage rose from 67 points t 83. Among liberals there was essentially no change.

The CNN exit polls show substantial erosion of the Democrat voting base since the 2018 election.  How can such substantial erosion be consistent with the lack of any significant Republican gain on Tuesday?

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U.S. Selection Autopsy 2022, by Good Citizen

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and in the United States. From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.com:

The demographic that consistently vote for tyranny over any other?

College-educated women.

The new election theft cover to emerge in the past twenty-four hours?

Baby killing.

Forget the lockdowns, masks, toxic injection mandates, state-ordered child abuse, chemical castration, child grooming through gender confusion, the highest inflation in forty-five years, and total economic planned demolition, it was the pussy hat brigade that was the real silent majority in this election.

If you accept this official story that abortion spared the nation a dangerous red wave, I have a gold-plated pussy hat to sell you from my days protesting Trump’s inauguration at the Capitol.

Maybe the founders were on to something with only property-owning tax-payers being allowed to vote. They advised that the tyranny of a state-dependent majority could one day overrule the property owners subsidizing the republic.

They probably never imagined a Global Technocracy overseeing an Oligopoly overseeing a Corporatocracy overseeing a Managerial Kakistocracy overseeing an Idiocracy of obese beta males and their pussy hat wearing “partners.”

On a long enough timeline, all large states will sooner or later want a majority of obedient wards under their boot. The state can buy their votes with cheap debt, plastic toys from China, Universal Basic Income, and weaponize them to protect the authoritarian programs they call “democracy,” including election performances.

You can’t say this stuff out loud without incurring the wrath of the pussy hat brigade and the new racialists of the left.

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Blood Moon Bloodbath: The Defining Moment of The Fourth Turning, by The Armchair Election Analyst

They cheated again. Surprised? From The Armchair Election analyst at stateofthenation.co:


“I reside in very blue Leon County, Florida—home to the very liberal state capital of Tallahassee.  Every single election outcome that we’ve clocked went as far in the red direction as they could have.  If two progressives ran in a race, the less progressive candidate won.  Tallahassee Republican Corey Simon even defeated once invincible Democrat Lorraine Ausley to win the Florida State Senate District 3 race—THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE CIVIL WAR.  The hardcore ultra-liberals Democrats were raked over the coals for months for their totally sick and twisted campaign platforms—transgendering young children without parental consent, taxpayers paying for sex change surgery for children, promoting abortions at 9 months and at birth, defunding the police, Black Lives Matter instead of All LIVES MATTER, drag shows for school children 24/7, biological men competing in girls sports, gender and sex education for children in Kindergarten through Third Grade, etc.  So, are we conservatives in Tallahassee to believe that the red wave only swamped us, but somehow missed the other 49 states?!”

— An Angry Conservative Voter

Submitted by The Armchair Election Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

What’s really remarkable is how some of the best “good data-driven” polls scientifically predicted a bloodbath for the Democrats on November 8th. The red wave was rising by the day and rolling swiftly over the whole nation during the weeks prior. A real RED TIDAL WAVE!

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The Bolsonaro’ing of Arizona – and America? By Eric Peters

Just as in 2020, it looks like certain elections were fixed. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Early Wednesday morning and it looks like Kari Lake – who had been polling well ahead of her opponent, Katie Hobbs, for governor of Arizona – will not be governor of Arizona. The appalling Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy Hochul will remain as governors. And “Incitatus” – John Fetterman – will be in the Senate.

Call it the Bolsonaro’ing of America.

The reference being to the loss at the ballot box of someone who appeared to be far more popular than his opponent and certain to win. Just like the Orange Man.

Until the votes were counted.

The Bolsonaro’ing of Lake being especially similar and even more suspicious in that her opponent was more than just her opponent. Katie Hobbs is also, conveniently, Arizona’s secretary of state, which means she is the state official who has legal oversight and so power over  . . . Arizona’s elections. Including her own. This being kind of like having your estranged spouse’s attorney handle your divorce settlement. For this reason, Hobbs will never be acknowledged as the legitimately elected governor of the state, by millions of people in the state – even if a majority of people did vote for her rather than Lake.

This being catastrophic for “our democracy,” if those who say that cared about that.

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If You Say Democracy Often Enough the Voters Will Reward You, by Philip Giraldi

The Democrats are hiding behind a word because they’ve got nothing else. From Philip Giraldi at unz.com:

To be sure there is an election coming up today in the United States and President Joe Biden has clearly taken the low road in the lead up to it by speaking before friendly audiences and repeating over and over the bromides that cause the brain to go numb. During the past week it was all about saving “American democracy” from the MAGA barbarians. And Democracy is, inevitably, tied to the Democratic Party etymologically, which, in a sense, makes it the presumed sole possessor of the right stuff when it comes to delivering freedom to all, including most recently a truly delusional pledge by Biden to “free Iran.”

The problem for the president is that Bidenspeak is being seen by some as devoid of content, choosing to skip over any discussion of the actual policies that have benefitted or harmed the American people over the past two years. That omission is convenient as many voters look around and see high inflation, a struggling economy, surging crime rates and an open border that may have produced, according to Tucker Carlson, a tidal wave of as many as five million illegal immigrants in the country. And, of course, there is also the war threatening to go nuclear over the Russian intervention in Ukraine, a conflict that threatens no American interest but which nevertheless has been elevated into a genuine saga of good versus evil through the combined efforts of the US and British governments ably assisted by the western mainstream media.

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Low Down on the Showdown, by James Howard Kunstler

Neither side may accept the results of this year’s elections. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Is there a more preposterous notion warbled across this troubled nation than the campaign mantra that “Joe Biden,” and the claque concealed behind him, are defending our democracy? What could be more self-evidently untrue?

Is censorship and abridging the First Amendment democratic? They haven’t been trying to finesse their ongoing assault on free speech. They abhor diversity of opinion, especially when it conflicts with their obvious efforts to wreck the country. Is siccing the dogs of the FBI and jailing their opponents outside due process of law democratic? Is ballot fraud democratic? Forced “vaccination”? I could go on (and often do), but you know exactly what they are doing: lying incessantly about everything, shoving lunatic narratives down your throat, turning reality inside-out and upside-down, and blowing up what’s left of American culture and economic life.

If what they’re doing is obvious, why they’re doing it isn’t. I have only two theories: Either 1) the Party of Chaos is acting in the interests of sinister forces outside our polity; or 2) They’re so far gone ethically and so deep in criminality carried out by so many persons and agencies in their service, that everything you see them do now is some attempt to cover-up their crimes or distract from their discovery.

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