Anarcho-Tyranny For The U.S.A., by Good Citizen

What happens when government intervenes in every facet of life in which it has no legitimate role and fails to do the essential things that are its only justification? From Good Citizen at

It’s coming sometime and maybe.

A man wakes up in San Francisco, has breakfast, showers, and gets ready for work. As he opens his front door he discovers a fresh deuce on the stoop of his seven-million-dollar row home. In a previous time, he would have noticed it earlier in the morning when he went to fetch the San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times or Wall Street Journal newspapers.

Today he stumbles past the yellow greasy and red foul-smelling excrement (a sign of poor diet or intestinal bleeding) on his way to see if his Range Rover is still where he left it the previous night. He notices the depositor of the morning gift two stoops down curled up in an unwashed mess, his pants around his ankles and his buttcheeks smeared with evidence of his offering. Completely out in heroin dreamland, the perp’s right hand limply grasps a clear and orange syringe with black etched lettering along the side that reads: Courtesy of the law-abiding tax-paying citizens of San Francisco.

Last year this man paid $59,000 to the state of California for the privilege of this morning’s experience, and another $122,000 to the federal government which is in the process of funding thousands more armed IRS enforcers to make sure this man or any other working citizen doesn’t get any funny ideas about keeping one dollar more than they’re allowed from the fruits of their own labor, by a government that offers them nothing in return and openly detests them.

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