Crushed Scores And Crushed Skulls: Children Pay Grim Lockdown Price, by Tyler Durden

Remember when “The children!” was a rallying cry and totem that justified all sorts of idiocy? Now “The children!” rightfully should have stopped a lot of Covid idiocy, but it didn’t. From Tyler Durden at

The disturbing evidence against lockdowns piled even higher this week, with new studies on two continents showing that children not only suffered significant learning loss but sharply higher abuse at home too.  

First, French researchers found abusive head trauma among infants in the Paris metro area doubled during the second year of the pandemic, reports MedPage Today. Worse yet, mortality rates among those abused infants soared nearly 10-fold, suggesting greater ferocity. 

Interestingly, the stats held steady through the first year of the pandemic and its associated government lockdowns, only to erupt in 2021. The researchers hypothesize that the pattern reflects an “accumulation of psychosocial distress over time.”

They attribute that distress to lockdown measures that “deteriorated the psychosocial situation of adults, increased the periods where parents or guardians were at home for a prolonged time with their children, and reduced the intensity of prevention and early detection programs.”

Like other victims of maniacal Covidian coercion, Parisians were subjected to lengthy lockdowns, curfews and daycare closures, as public health officials gave no consideration to collateral effects of their policies.

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