Was Biden Unaware That Human Lemmings Freeze? By Ray McGovern

Real lemmings have thick, warm fur coats. Human lemmings are going to need the same this winter in Europe, because that continent’s illustrious leaders have decided to cut off the most reliable and high-volume supplier of fuel. From Ray McGovern at antiwar.com:

Did President Joe Biden’s economic advisers not warn him that the lemming leaders of NATO will not be able to protect their people from the winter cold? (Lemmings of the animal world are protected from the Arctic winter by their very thick fur, with no need to hibernate. Lock-step NATO unity on Ukraine is likely to dissipate, as Europeans run out of fur coats.)

Did Biden’s advisers not tell him that the political hacks now running Germany and other European countries will be unable to avoid cutting a deal with Russia on gas for heating – as well as on economic sanctions and curtailing arms to Ukraine? Surely they understood the enormous leverage Russia has in providing gas and other energy. Did they perhaps think Putin would be deterred from using that leverage, fearing finger-waving accusations that Russia is “weaponizing” gas and oil?

In other words, the news today that Russia has stopped supplying gas to Europe via Nord Stream 1 indefinitely should have come as no surprise. And problems seem to multiply.

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