People Are Dying. Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

It’s becoming ever more difficult to hide the news concerning Covid vaccine deaths; too many people are dying. From Mary Beth Pfeiffer at

Censorship has ruled covid. But emerging data on injury and death may be too big to ignore.

This article is part of a publishing collaboration between RESCUE and Trial Site News.

37-year-old mountain biker Rab Wardell died of cardiac arrest days after winning Scotland’s national senior cross-country biking championship. (Instagram)

After months of skirting YouTube censors, the ax fell on medical educator Dr. John Campbell when he spent fourteen minutes on August 20 parsing figures on two disturbing trends in the United Kingdom. First, UK deaths in 2022 were an alarming 14 percent higher than the prior five years, with 1,480 excess deaths—not attributed to covid-19—in the week ending August 5 alone.

Second, figures on deaths after covid vaccinations were wildly uninformative. One government document put them as low as 10—“incredulous,” Campbell said—while another official report put them as high as 21,000 when underreporting was considered.

A careful, evidence-based analyst with 2.4 million subscribers, Campbell wanted to know: “Why is no one talking about this in the UK?”

YouTube provided an answer: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Indeed, but for a small cadre of brave doctors and researchers, few dare discuss the aftermath of covid management in the UK, US, and elsewhere—and chiefly the wisdom of repeated vaccinations. Instead, the questionable “safe and effective” mantra infuses media reports and, remarkably, science publishing that sometimes indicates quite the opposite.

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