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It’s a Riot . . ., by Eric Peters

Some violence and death is more acceptable than other violence and death. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

One man gets beaten to death by government workers and riots ensue in several cities. Thousands of people are poisoned to death by the government at the behest of the corporations who control it and there’s hardly a protest. Those that did occur were also actually peaceful. The CDC was not firebombed. Fauci wasn’t attacked in the streets. The legions of people who willingly served as the enforcers of “lockdowns,” “mask” mandates and so on haven’t had to face angry mobs demanding justice.

It’s an interesting incongruity, isn’t it?

Almost as if – per Orwell’s Two Minutes’ Hate – the government encourages (and certainly doesn’t do much to stop) certain outpourings of rage. Perhaps for just that reason; i.e., to harmlessly defuse what might otherwise be dangerously percolating anger that could threaten the government.

The beatdown administered to Tyre Nichols was gratuitous, savage and – ultimately – murderous. So also – and more so – the way an entire nation was beaten down.

In Nichols’ case, it was five against one. Those odds are pretty good – relative to having the entire apparatus of the government-corporate nexus deployed against each and every one of us.

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Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds, by Igor Chudov

If the vaccines are killing people, 2022’s numbers are probably going to be worse. From Igor Chudov at igorchudov.substack.com:

This is in line with many other estimates

A new peer-reviewed study by Mark Skidmore was published in a prestigious journal.

It commissioned a survey that asked people several questions about their Covid and vaccination experience. The survey was conducted during the previous winter, so it is based on 2021 experiences.

It estimated, based on responses provided, that Covid vaccines killed 278,000 Americans:

The authors use a reputable polling company Dynata.

The sample was obtained by Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, and is representative for the US American population [6]. The sampling using Dynata is based on opt-in sampling, respondents deliver high quality data, they are diverse and have community norms of honesty and accuracy [7]. The survey was opened to the Dynata panel until the required number of responses was obtained from each category of the stratification variables age, sex, and income, as required for a balanced response set.

The article demonstrated the authors tried to do a good job and controlled for confounding variables. For example, do political views or vaccination status create a bias in reporting vaccine deaths? It turns out that, indeed, they do:

Estimated nationwide COVID-19 vaccine fatalities based on the Democrat, Republican and Independent subsets are 109,564, 463,444 and 247,867, respectively. With the vaccinated and unvaccinated subgroups, estimated COVID-19 vaccine fatalities are 110,942 and 659,995.

This discrepancy suggests that the estimates of the total number of vaccine fatalities cannot be very precise, and the authors point that out very honestly.

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They Promised “Safe and Effective”, We Got “Sudden and Unexpected”, by Mark E. Jeftovic

The vaccines have lived down to the exact opposite of their billing. From Mark E. Jeftovic at bombthrower.com:

We’re one tragedy away from pitchforks & torches…

“No one must ever ask where another rabbit was, and anyone who asked ‘Where?’ – must be silenced.”

In the story Watership Down a group of rabbits flee their home warren of Sandleford, ahead of its imminent destruction at the hands of real estate developers. They set out looking for a safe, new home and among their adventures they encounter another warren called Cowslip. There, all the rabbits are uncharacteristically large, affable and seemingly well fed. For awhile, the Sandleford rabbits think they’ve found a safe haven.

There’s only one problem: every once in awhile one of the the rabbits goes missing. It turns out the entire warren is on a farmer’s land who feeds and otherwise takes care of them, but then sets out snares and traps them from time to time for their pelts.

There is only one rule at Cowslip’s Warren, nobody is allowed to ask or talk about any of the missing rabbits.

I want everybody reading this to think of two numbers from asking you two questions:

Question #1) How many people do you know who died of COVID?

I first started hearing rumblings of a new Coronavirus emerging out of China in January 2020 (although it looks now like COVID was already circulating throughout the world by mid-2019).

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Rasmussen Survey on Covid Vaccine Deaths Proves Antivaxxers Right! By Igor Chudov

It’s mind boggling that over a quarter of the population thinks they know someone who died of Covid vaccination. From Igor Chudov at igorchudov.substack.com:

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A new Rasmussen report is out today. Rasmussen asked people about COVID vaccine deaths and polled them on whether vaccine dangers are baseless conspiracy theories.

The key findings are:

  • 28% of adults say they personally know someone whose death was caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, while 61% said no, and another 10% are not sure.
  • More people (48%) are concerned about Covid vaccine injuries than 37% who think that Covid vaccine injuries are conspiracy theories. The things we have discussed are no longer considered “conspiracies” and are believed by the majority! (thank you for spreading the word)
  • Republicans are more likely to be concerned about vaccine safety.
  • Many more findings will be mentioned below.

Survey Proves People are NOT Lying About Acquaintainces Killed by COVID Vaccines

The survey provides two independent proofs that people are not making things up when discussing Covid vaccine deaths.

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New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine, by Will Jones

The report confirms the obvious. From Will Jones at brownstone.org:

autopsy report

major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after Covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. A further two deaths were found to be possibly due to the vaccine.

The report, published in Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society, detailed autopsies carried out at Heidelberg University Hospital in 2021. Led by Thomas Longerich and Peter Schirmacher, it found that in five deaths that occurred within a week of the first or second dose of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna, inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine had likely or possibly caused the death.

Case characteristic of five deaths likely or possibly caused by the Covid vaccines

Case characteristic of five deaths likely or possibly caused by the Covid vaccines

In total the report looked at 35 autopsies carried out at the University of Heidelberg in people who died within 20 days of Covid vaccination, of which 10 were deemed on examination to be due to a pre-existing illness and not the vaccine. For the remaining 20, the report did not rule out the vaccine as a cause of death, which Dr. Schirmacher has confirmed to me is intentional as the autopsy results were inconclusive. Almost all of the remaining cases were of a cardiovascular cause, as indicated in the table below from the supplementary materials, where 21 of the 30 deaths are attributed to a cardiovascular cause. One of these is attributed to blood clots (VITT) from AstraZeneca vaccination (the report was looking specifically at post-vaccine myocarditis deaths), leaving 20 from other cardiovascular causes.

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People Are Dying. Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

It’s becoming ever more difficult to hide the news concerning Covid vaccine deaths; too many people are dying. From Mary Beth Pfeiffer at rescue.substack.com:

Censorship has ruled covid. But emerging data on injury and death may be too big to ignore.

This article is part of a publishing collaboration between RESCUE and Trial Site News.

37-year-old mountain biker Rab Wardell died of cardiac arrest days after winning Scotland’s national senior cross-country biking championship. (Instagram)

After months of skirting YouTube censors, the ax fell on medical educator Dr. John Campbell when he spent fourteen minutes on August 20 parsing figures on two disturbing trends in the United Kingdom. First, UK deaths in 2022 were an alarming 14 percent higher than the prior five years, with 1,480 excess deaths—not attributed to covid-19—in the week ending August 5 alone.

Second, figures on deaths after covid vaccinations were wildly uninformative. One government document put them as low as 10—“incredulous,” Campbell said—while another official report put them as high as 21,000 when underreporting was considered.

A careful, evidence-based analyst with 2.4 million subscribers, Campbell wanted to know: “Why is no one talking about this in the UK?”

YouTube provided an answer: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Indeed, but for a small cadre of brave doctors and researchers, few dare discuss the aftermath of covid management in the UK, US, and elsewhere—and chiefly the wisdom of repeated vaccinations. Instead, the questionable “safe and effective” mantra infuses media reports and, remarkably, science publishing that sometimes indicates quite the opposite.

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Will 100 Million Die From the COVID vax by 2028? by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Whatever the number, the salient fact is that a lot of people are dying from vaccines they’ve been told are safe and identical. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Story at-a-glance

  • David Martin, Ph.D., presents evidence that COVID-19 injections are not vaccines, but bioweapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population
  • The spike protein that the COVID-19 shots manufacture is a known biologic agent of concern
  • Martin believes the number that may die may have been revealed back in 2011, when the World Health Organization announced their “decade of vaccination”
  • The objective for the decade of vaccination was a population reduction of 15% globally, which would be about 700 million people dead; in the U.S., this may amount to between 75 million and 100 million people dying from COVID-19 shots

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