Where is the Electricity for EeeeeeVeeeees Going to Come From? By Eric Peters

If the government just mandates electric vehicles, the generating capacity for all that electricity will just happen. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

If EeeeeeeVeeees are “the future of transportation” then why isn’t generating capacity being increased to provide the electricity necessary to power this “future”?

The fact that it isn’t tells us what EeeeeeeVeeeees aren’t. Or rather, ought to. But most people – including people who believe EeeeeeeeVeeeees are “the future of transportation” – do not know that generating capacity isn’t being increased to deal with the putative (the impending) additional load-demand of hundreds of thousands – millions – of EeeeeeeVeeeees.

Because they haven’t been hipped to the fact.

It begs the question, why haven’t they been hipped to it?

Do you suppose it might be for the same reason, fundamentally, that people weren’t hipped to the fact that a “positive” result on a sketchy PCR test is not the same thing, medically speaking as a case? Instead, people were told – hourly – about the latest “cases.” But not told that many – most of them – weren’t seriously sick. Or even sick, at all.

Since it is impossible to believe the people at the helm of this operation – many of whom are medical doctors – did not know what the difference is between a positive test result and a case, medically speaking (which until two-ish years ago was always understood by medical men to mean a person very sick and under the care of a doctor) it is default logical to presume they did know and thus were being deliberately dishonest, in order to further some broader objective.

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