An Interesting Congruity . . ., by Eric Peters

Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci both have large followings of zealous believers. From Eric Peters at

Donald Trump – and some of those who still follow him – have an interesting thing in common with Dr. Fauci and those who still follow him.

The latter continues to insist that “mask” wearing is sensible rather than farcical. His followers continue to  . . . follow him.

Which is farcical.

The former continues to insist that the “vaccines” have “saved millions of lives” – and his followers continue to  . . . follow him.

Which is inexplicable.

Both seem blinkered by their politics. The Faucists “mask” – and defend “masking” – because they understand that not defending “masking” undermines everything the Faucists – who are Leftists – are seeking to achieve, via “masking.”

Including “vaccinating.”

Trumpers defend their man because he is their man.

In both instances, it is a kind of religious orthodoxy expressed politically that keeps them in “church.” No matter how unsafe and ineffective the “vaccines” have proved to be, the Orange Man is still taking credit for “warp speeding” them into circulation. And his followers – most of whom know the “vaccines” aren’t safe or effective and deeply resent being pressured to take them, continue to follow him.

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