World War III May Have Already Begun, by Dr. Joseph Sansone

World War III will be vastly different than previous wars, an asymmetric war, featuring things like massive food and energy shortages and biological warfare. It’s probably already begun. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at

In the early stages of World War I and World War II, chances are that people didn’t know that those wars had started. A series of events began to unfold and eventually it was realized that they were irreversible events. Things took on a life of their own and the world was at war. In March of 2020 when the world decided to follow a blueprint for disaster and began coercing face masks, lockdowns (yes that is a prison term) and a year later Covid gene therapy shots, many may not had realized that this had been the beginning of World War III. Unfortunately, it appears to be the case.

World War III looks to be an asymmetrical nonlinear war. It entails psychological, economic, and biological warfare. It is a war to create a technocratic global government. It is a war to impart a sophisticated type of neo feudalism upon humanity. A totalitarian system designed for total control and to transform what it means to be human. This war, is a war against civilians. It is a war against the human race. It appears a war of extermination and of extinction. It is the execution of a plan to depopulate the planet, and in the process, corral humanity into sophisticated prisons called smart cities.

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