PATRICK LAWRENCE: Appointment in Samarkand

There is a lot of important things going on in the parts of the world that are not considered part of the West among those countries’ governments. You’d never know it from the U.S. mainstream media. From Patrick Lawrence at

Western coverage of last week’s summit in Uzbekistan brings us face-to-face with the extent to which Americans are not supposed to see the world turning. 

Only in America, Land of Opportunists, can you awaken on an early autumn Sunday to a headline such as this in our once-but-no-longer newspaper of record: “The U.S. Vowed to Defend Central American Democracy. Autocrats Had Other Plans.”

Sit with this for a few moments, readers. Let yourselves laugh, or do the other thing, or maybe you will do some of both, as I did.

Now we can consider how the Western press reported the summit of non­–Western powers in Samarkand last week and what went on when Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, met with Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi, his Chinese and Indian counterparts.

Once again we find that The New York Times is perfectly willing to tell us the nighttime is not dark, the sky is not blue, and water does not run from faucets. Once again the elite cliques the Times speaks for do not want us to understand the world as it truly is.

The gathering last Thursday and Friday in Uzbekistan was the 22nd session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a conference of Asian and Central Asian nations China set in motion in 2001 — or in 1996, if we count a modest forerunner called the S–5. At present the SCO has eight members — China, Russia, the Central Asian republics, India and Pakistan — plus the old Commonwealth of Independent States, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and lots of observers and “dialogue partners.”

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