If ‘Children Of The Vine’ Sounds Like a Horror Flick, That’s Because It Is, Filmaker Says, by Julie Comber, Ph.D.

Do the wine drinkers who cherish Napa Valley wines know that the grapes are sprayed with Roundup? From Julie Comber, Ph.D, at childrenshealthdefense.org:

When Brian Lilla moved from Oakland, California, to Napa Valley he made an unfortunate discovery: Napa Valley was beautiful, but it also was highly toxic.

Why? Because of the widespread use of Roundup weedkiller on the region’s vineyards.

Lilla’s discovery led him to make “Children Of The Vine,” an investigative documentary on Roundup and the pesticide’s impact on public health.

The film weaves together facts about Roundup, and its key active ingredient — glyphosate — with stories about people who developed cancer after using Roundup, scientists, lawyers and journalists working to end the use of Roundup, and farmers who do and those who don’t use the weedkiller.

Lilla is the documentary’s director, producer, publicist, writer and researcher.

The film’s title, “Children Of The Vine,” is a nod to the ’70s horror film, “Children of the Corn,” based on a short story by Stephen King.

“My wife says that ‘Children Of The Vine’ sounds like a horror film,” Lilla said. “I always tell her it is.”

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