Experts warn the UK is ALREADY at the start of a ‘devastating’ new PSYOP-22 wave that could cripple the NHS this winter – amid fears Omicron variants are dodging immunity as cases surge 14% in week, by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

A lot of people whose immune systems have been damaged by the vaccines are going to end up in hospitals this winter. From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World at

As predicted, this coming cold and flu season will be especially deadly to the DEATHVAXXED™ who all in varying degrees are suffering from VAIDS.

Another “pandemic” emergency is already being seeded as cover for the victims of the slow kill bioweapon, as per a Daily Mail UK article:

  • Health experts warn the UK is at the start of a ‘devastating’ new Covid wave that couple cripple the NHS
  • They allege immune-evasive subvariants may cause ‘real problems’ for the ‘already on its knees’ health system
  • The warning comes as the UK’s autumn Covid wave saw cases rise 14 per cent the week ending September 17

The very same “experts” that illegally mandated criminal lockdowns and MK Ultra masking to both destroy the UK economy while ramping up their nudge unit mass induced fear and hypochondria.

Britain is already at the start of a ‘devastating’ new Covid wave that may cripple the NHS this winter, experts have warned.

Early data revealed that new subvariants of Omicron are ‘evolving around the immunity’ that was built up through vaccinations and Covid infections.

Some scientists fear the new immune-evasive variants may cause ‘real problems’ for the ‘already on its knees’ NHS as the cold weather approaches and seasonal pressures begin to bite.

The “vaccinated” genetically modified human spike protein factories are the ones evolving these “immune-evasive” variants.

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