Well Being: Disinformation Assault on Vitamin D, by Jeremy Harrigan

The propaganda hyenas attack Vitamin D as millions have discovered that it’s a cheap way to help prevent Covid. Can’t have something that’s cheap, effective, and safe competing with expensive, ineffective, and deadly vaccines. From Jeremy Harrigan, MD, MS, at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Factchecking The Washington Post Big Pharma propaganda

If enough people wake up, pulling back the curtain on vitamin D as an alternative to Covid vaccines would be a huge blow to the “safe and effective” emergency use authorization (EUA) narrative supporting more COVID vaccines and booster shots. As we approach three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, if the medical establishment/ Big Government and Big Pharma continues to have it their way, less vitamin D supplements will flow into American households as time marches on. And if people take it for granted that taking low levels of vitamin D is good enough, the Pharma-captured HHS would be fine with that (short of banning it if they could).

We previously briefly reviewed the medical history and literature supporting the use of vitamin D for preventing disease associated with respiratory viruses in this May 07, 2022 essay titled  “Preventable Deaths and D3. The Ugly History of Vitamin D3 and Fauci’s pro-Vaccine Bias”.

The pharmaceutical/biodefense/medical complex, working together with corporate media, has succeeded in putting vitamin D in a bad light through their own propaganda and misinformation campaigns. The general public continues to be left out in the dark. These are the same forces which have worked so hard to memory hole, forget, and even discredit the natural immunity which develops from infection and recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection. And ultimately it never occurs to them that perhaps higher doses of vitamin D would have been the first consideration before using propaganda and coercion to drive the public to hastily line up at the pharmacy or at vaccine clinics to get the series of experimental EUA-authorized genetic vaccine shots for a pathogen which poses moderate risk.

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