Any of These Clowns Know What They’re Doing?

h/t The Burning Platform

bakery display case why prices gone up

democrats armageddon nuclear still better than trump

george build back better support group

tweet obama nobel peace price bernanke economics fed

pfizer no testing stopping transmission

zelensky ukraine earning 10 million working from home

message prefer mean tweets over nuclear armageddon

liberals lockdowns refugees climate why expensive

life on another planet government send money

child leaving sunday school public school soviet

sorry im crazy ok youre not

teenage driving lessons almost die chill

cat dont have to pay rent or food

biden kamala harris release after cages applaud peasants

babylon bee boomer mom asks download kanye music

quote any man mistakes cicero persists in error

shoutout early humans figured what plants get us high

launch shtstorm snowflakes wont reply comment

headline look for babylon bee real news

post same meme as 20 other people get 30 day ban

tweet straight white guys excited brady focused football gisele single

tweet paypal not sorry just mad got caught 2500

tweet hands off assange protests media climate change blm division

quote merle haggard what public wants honesty

tweet obama pearson publishing book deal quid pro quo

message november approaching dc drain the swamp

One response to “Any of These Clowns Know What They’re Doing?

  1. They are burning it all down better.
    Klaus wants a slow burn now but it will intensify.


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