Ode to Oil, by Joel Bowman

Sure, we’re just going to seamlessly transition to a world that no longer uses oil. That’s the fantasy of those who’ve either completely lost touch with reality or were never in touch with reality. From Joel Bowman at bonnerprivateresearch.substack.com:

Joel Bowman, appraising the situation from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Welcome to another Sunday Session, dear reader, that time of week when we gather at the virtual watering hole to reckon over the troubles of our topsy-turvy world, one glass of Tacana 2020 Malbec at a time…

By the way, if you missed our conversation with Bill Bonner earlier in the week, in which he gave a bit of the backstory behind his high-altitude vineyard, whence cometh the aforementioned drop, you can listen in below. The wine, if there’s any left, is available here.

But let us begin this week’s issue with a comment from a dear reader. In response to one of Bill’s weekday missives, Let Them Buy Solar, reader JT wrote…

“Unfortunately I think we are way too far down the rabbit hole. Too many issues facing us collectively with absolutely no leadership to stop the madness. The last 15-20 years, most parents were asleep at the wheel. Now all we have are WOKE Tattooed Morons with Pink hair and shit for brains.”

Clear. Concise. Colorful. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Which brings us to this week’s token, pink-haired moron. You’ve probably seen the video already, but just in case, it’s worth setting the scene…

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