Markets Are Expecting the Federal Reserve to Save Them – It’s Not Going to Happen, by Brandon Smith

The Federal Reserve is intentionally trying to destroy the economy and take down financial markets. From Brandon Smith at

Markets Are Expecting the Federal Reserve to Save Them and It Is Not Going to Happen

Image © Steeve Roche

I have said it many times in the past but I’ll say it here again: Stock markets are a trailing indicator of economic health, not a leading indicator. Rising stock prices are not a signal of future economic stability. When stocks fall, it’s usually after years of declines in other sectors of the financial system.

Collapsing stocks are not the “cause” of an economic crisis, they are just the delayed symptom of a crisis that was already there.

Anyone who started investing after the crash of 2008 probably has no understanding of how markets are supposed to behave, and what they represent to the rest of the economy. They’ve never seen markets operating without interference and stock prices moving freely. Central bank meddling, which started as a “last ditch effort” to save the global financial system at any price has now become business-as-usual. Worldwide, stocks surge when investment banks anticipate Federal Reserve easing, the so-called and often-forecast “pivot” from its current monetary-tightening program back to the good old days of endless free money. And stocks plunge every time a member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announces that inflation is still too high, and the Fed has to keep fighting it.

Most market participants no longer have any understanding of fundamentals. Robinhood day-traders and Redditors don’t see stocks as a fractional claim on the future profits of a business – they think they’re just buying poker chips in the great Stock Market Casino where everybody always wins.

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