How Ukraine Is Winning The Social Media War, by Declan Hayes

Unfortunately for Ukraine, Russia is winning the war that counts. From Declan Hayes at

Forget about the real war. In the virtual world, Ukraine’s Nazis are winning hands down.

Forget about the real war. In the virtual world, Ukraine’s Nazis are winning hands down. Zelensky is getting far more likes on Facebook and Twitter than General Armageddon. Has anyone Snapchatted the news to Putin?

The BBC, NATO’s major media sledgehammer, reports that the witty, suave, brave Ukrainian trolls are slam dunking their Russian counterparts and “if this was a war of memes, we would be winning.” Of course, the war in Ukraine is not a war of memes and General Armageddon does not scroll through his Facebook messages over his morning coffee. He is of a different mind set and of a different age. He has an offline job to do and, if the reports of drone attacks on Kiev are true, his sledgehammer approach seems to be doing it with no social media distractions.

For there is the nub of the matter. General Armageddon gets on with the job of ending the Ukrainian war and he surrenders the hot air to NATO’s armies of trolls. No wonder a number of countries allied to Russia tweeted that their citizens should get out of Dodge on the first available stagecoach. General Armageddon is the new sheriff in town and he is not impressed by the online fancy talk and puerile memes the BBC excels at.

BBC News has 48 million Facebook followers. BBC World News’ twitter feed has 38.6 million Twitters followers and it follows only 18 accounts, all of which are BBC affiliated and all of which show that the BBC, especially if taken in conjunction with its NATO allies, is a very major, if not the major, social media player. As the Pentagon summoned all of America’s social media influencers at the beginning of the Ukrainian war to give them their orders, we can easily imagine the terms that NATO dictated to the BBC, The Economist and their other major propaganda outfits.

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One response to “How Ukraine Is Winning The Social Media War, by Declan Hayes

  1. Everyone in the hive just loves them some Ukraine on Twit but it’s the sound of crickets over at the recruiting office.
    If they love it so much shouldn’t they be ready to fight and die for it?


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