The Danger of Bubble Wrap, by Thomas Buckley

Democratic politicians have removed themselves from the realities faced by most Americans, and woe to any Democrat who tries to move the party back in that direction. Ask Tulsi Gabbard. From Thomas Buckley at

Or How Democrats Learned to Love Ignoring Voters


There is thinking inside the box.

Then there is living inside a bubble.

And then there is thinking inside a bubble which is in a box in a cage in the basement tucked behind the furnace with a giant sign “Beware of the Leopard!” draped across it (apologies to Douglas Adams.)

In politics – as in some many aspects of life – it’s always handy to know where your enemies are. In this case the DC Democrats are right there, which is right where we want them.

From the utterly oblivious nonsense coming out of Nancy Pelosi – inflation and crime are not big issues this November – to the inability of any major Democrat to even hint about being open to any limits on abortion – well, they may get Cartman’s mom from “South Park” vote at least –


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