Diaper Report: 10/27/2022, by Eric Peters

Covid vaccine injury and death are like the Nordstream sabotage: many people know the cause, few people in the mainstream media will name it. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

his report concerns word just received from an old friend of mine about a friend of his (whom I also know) about his son, who – like an alarming number of other people’s sons (and daughters) has developed heart problems.

It is alarming because young people used to develop heart problems rarely, if ever. Until about two years ago, that is. Now, for some reason, it has become almost as common as acne among young people.

Yet almost no one wants to talk about why that is. What might be the cause of it. The one thing that has changed during the past two years that might account for it, since the two things are congruent.

Of course, correlation isn’t necessarily causation. And yet, three years ago, it was.

Every time someone died – even someone well beyond the age at which people are (well, were) understood to die naturally, of old age – it was immediately and authoritatively attributed to “the virus.” For example, the death of former Secretary of State (and General) Colin Powell, who was 84 when he died in October of 2021. Who had cancer – as well as old age. When he died, it was not reported that he died of old age – and cancer. He would have lived forever, you see – had it not been for his having caught “the virus.”

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