Errata bounty: $1,000 per error in Turtles and Fauci books, by Steve Kirsch

Want to pick up some extra income? From Steve Kirsch at

Help stop misinformation. To date, nobody has found any factual errors in the Turtles or Fauci books. So I’m going to increase the reward to make it clear that there are no errors.

How it works

I really don’t want to spread misinformation, but it’s hard to read books like The Real Anthony Fauci and Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth and not be persuaded by them.

Are they true? Or are they misinformation?

Let’s put a bounty on errors. If there are no takers, we’ll raise the bounties over time. When we get to $1M for an error and there are still no takers, maybe people will start to take notice.

At a minimum, we’ll incentivize a lot of people who think we are misinformation spreaders to read these books and show the world that we are wrong.

To qualify

An error means you found something that is a material error of fact in what was presented. So if the book says “they never tested vaccine XX against a placebo” and you find a document proving it was tested against a placebo, you win the $1,000. It’s that easy.

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