REPOST: Miasma Theory vs. Germ Theory, by the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

There are two competing theories about disease. From the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World at

In the midst of the greatest global culling in the history of mankind with a One World Government eugenics program that would make the Nazis blush, it’s as good a time as ever given time is quite literally running out for billions to revisit a longstanding scientific debate. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his The Real Anthony Fauci book does an excellent job of framing the competing theories in relation to PSYOP-19 and the sociopaths running it:

“On his deathbed, the victorious Pasteur is said to have recanted, “Béchamp was right,” declaring, “the microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.” Miasma theory survives in marginalized, yet vibrant, pockets among integrative and functional medicine practitioners. And burgeoning science documenting the critical role of the microbiome in human health and immunity tends to vindicate Béchamp, and particularly his teachings that microorganisms are beneficial to good health. Köhnlein and Engelbrecht observe that:

[But] even for mainstream medicine, it is becoming increasingly clear that the biological terrain of our intestines—the intestinal flora, teeming with bacteria [or weighing up to 1 kg in a normal adult human, totaling 100 trillion cells.] is accorded a decisive role, because it is by far the body’s biggest and most important immune system.

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