Vote Like a Woman, by Dr. Naomi Wolf

The Covid response is a woman’s issue, and the party that always trumpets its feminist credentials did a terrible job. From Dr. Naomi Wolf at

When You Vote, Remember Who Has Recently Most Hurt Women

What is a “woman’s issue,” when it comes to state and national politics?

I have watched in astonishment as the Democrats, over the past 20 months, have systematically thrown away what has in our lifetime been their primary treasure: that is to say, the women’s vote.

Presidents Clinton and Obama won solely due to the advantage that the DNC has held, for decades, with one demographic: white suburban women — and especially, the white college-educated suburban women who traditionally vote over 80 per cent for Democrats. The advantage this gave President Clinton was a gender gap in his favor of up to 11%. []

That shrunk to 6% for President Obama, in some metrics, but it still made the difference in electing him. []

No matter how many ways you do the math, Democrats simply cannot win a national or state election without this population’s support.

Yet they are enacting policies and producing messaging that burn up that advantage. And indeed this demographic is abandoning the DNC ship.

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