U.S. Selection Autopsy 2022, by Good Citizen

Per Stalin: the vote doesn’t matter, only who counts the votes. From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.com:

All hail pussy hat voters, noble gynopatriots of the Soy Republic and Karentocracy.

The demographic that consistently vote for tyranny over any other?

College-educated women.

The new election theft cover to emerge in the past twenty-four hours?

Baby killing.

Forget the lockdowns, masks, toxic injection mandates, state-ordered child abuse, chemical castration, child grooming through gender confusion, the highest inflation in forty-five years, and total economic planned demolition, it was the pussy hat brigade that was the real silent majority in this election.

If you accept this official story that abortion spared the nation a dangerous red wave, I have a gold-plated pussy hat to sell you from my days protesting Trump’s inauguration at the Capitol.

Maybe the founders were on to something with only property-owning tax-payers being allowed to vote. They advised that the tyranny of a state-dependent majority could one day overrule the property owners subsidizing the republic.

They probably never imagined a Global Technocracy overseeing an Oligopoly overseeing a Corporatocracy overseeing a Managerial Kakistocracy overseeing an Idiocracy of obese beta males and their pussy hat wearing “partners.”

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