“Vaccines” as Palliatives, by Eric Peters

Vaccines no longer have to confer immunity, they only have to “help protect” against  or alleviate some of the symptoms of a disease. By the new definition, aspirin is a vaccine. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

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Now that “vaccines” have been redefined as palliatives – they “help protect” rather than confer immunity – how long will it be before new “vaccines” are trotted out that “help protect” against all kinds of other things?

“Vaccines” that “help protect” against obesity, for instance. Childhood obesity having become a chronic “sickness.” What better – what more profitable – way to “help protect” against becoming overweight than by “vaccinating” kids for that, too?

Note that the “vaccines” – as they are styled, but aren’t – are gene therapy drugs. As in, they jigger with your genes – to “help protect” against (in this case) the effects of  the “virus.”

Note the italics – to emphasize that is what the pushers of these drugs say – and what is obediently parroted by the people not smart enough to understand what is being pushed. Or evil enough to participate in the pushing.

They no longer say that the “vaccines” confer immunity. Because, of course, they can’t. That would be like saying the sun going down at night lights up the night sky. Well, they can’t say that yet. But, give them time. If sex is fungible on say-so then so is everything else.

So – for now – they say that if you take the “vaccines” (plural, because they are so very effective) then you stand a lower chance of being hospitalized if you get the sickness these “vaccines” don’t prevent you from getting.

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