Subscriber Details Grim VAIDS Reality on the Ground, by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

What’s really going on in the world with VAIDS. From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World at

This substack’s subscriber going by the moniker 🤡🌎 made some very compelling observations in the comments section regarding the VAIDS that he is seeing all around him.

🤡🌎 is a licensed electrician with over two decades of experience working in the greater Boston area.

Thanks for the link. From my experience, these folks won’t admit they’re vax damaged. It’s also a political thing here. Trumpers are anti vax, anti science, climate science denying racist Nazis. They have been so propagandized that they wouldn’t even see sources outside of their msnbc, cnn etc. They’re doomed. Early on I tried reasoning with some folks but it’s not worth it. They can be reached. If I suggested Sparrow Health, they call the office and accuse wrong think. Gallows humor, I am looking forward to real estate here going down when they all pass

It’s just starting to get cold here. I’m not looking forward to it. What I can say is my company throughout covid would send you an email whenever anyone you worked closely with or if a customer had a covid outbreak. It was “dear employee, per company policy we are informing you that you’ve been identified as being in close proximity to a confirmed covid exposure”. They’d recommend testing and tell you to wear a mask for a week. We aren’t told who got sick but everyone knows who’s out a week so it’s easy to figure out. It’s the same cast of vaccinated characters. Well…. They’ve quietly stopped providing these emails. A few weeks back in a department meeting, we brought up the fact that it seems only the vaxxed are getting sick. We’ve been bringing this up since the spring. Now suddenly, there are no notifications 🤔 I was with my boosted boss a week or so ago. We were extremely close for several days and he got sick. He got covid again. I know he did because he personally texted me saying he tested positive and it was kicking his butt. My company didn’t send an email out. As a matter of fact, they’ve completely abandoned it. The office folk I’d say were nearly all vaxxed a they’re the ones regularly out sick. They’ve stopped testing themselves mostly so it’s usually not RSV or covid it’s just “im feeling ill, won’t be in for the week”. A few tradesmen got vaxxed and they’re getting wrecked.

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