America’s ‘Dark Cluster Decade’, by Bill Bonner

On present course, Bill Bonner sees a chaotic and dark period looming for America. From Bonner at

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Baltimore, Maryland…

In the late 1950s, led by the great decider, Mao Tse Tung, and the communist party, China engineered what was to become one of the darkest decades in human history.  It was based on lies.  And it set in motion a financial and social disaster.  A real “cluster,” as kids say today.

It was an ambitious crusade. The whole society – its government, politics, economics, finances, and industries – were all brought together, like an attacking army, to transform China into a modern industrial powerhouse.

At the time, China was an agrarian society. Most people still tilled the soil… and stuck to their traditional ways of life. It wasn’t the most sophisticated economy in the world. But it was capable of supporting 600 million people.

In Mao’s new plan, farmers were forced onto collective farms. Private plots were made illegal. People who tried to keep their own gardens were branded as ‘counter-revolutionaries,’ and often tortured, imprisoned, killed outright, or worked to death.

So too, the customs of the countryside were banned. The ‘old things’ were supposedly holding China back. So, weddings, funerals, feasts – traditional rituals of rural society – were outlawed. They were replaced by propaganda meetings and ‘struggle sessions,’ in which those who didn’t go along were beaten… forced to admit their ‘crimes’… and often executed.

The bigger the lie, the more it needs to be protected from the truth.

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