NATO’s Iraqi Oil for Food Program Targets Russia, by Declan Hayes

It’s unlikely that Russia is going to allow the West to set the price of Russian oil. From Declan Hayes at

If, as it seems, Zelensky wants war without mercy, General Armageddon should accommodate him in the most efficacious way he can.

Generals Armageddon and Shoigu, together with Russian President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, are no doubt considering their various responses to NATO’s latest provocation. Should they agree to allow NATO do an Iraq on Russia, to cap the price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel then they also should, as a matter of urgency, revisit what happened to Iraq’s political cadre and more importantly, Iraq’s innocent children, who were massacred in their hundreds of thousands by their NATO “liberators”.

If these four want the penury of Iraq or NATO’s slave markets of Libya and Syria visited upon Russia, then they should go for it. They should submit and allow Russia to be raped again of all its resources, both natural and human. If they agree with Ukraine’s Clown Prince Zelenky’s move to ban the Russian Orthodox Church then, as previously suggested, they should emigrate to New York and work as baristas.

If, on the other hand, they believe, as President Putin has repeatedly said, that Russia is something more than a giant quarry for NATO to pillage, then they should act accordingly, even if it entails unleashing hell on earth or at least on that part of the globe that Ukraine occupies.

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