Doug Casey on Why Uranium has Enormous Upside Potential

Casey is probably right; uranium could be a real home run. From Doug Casey at

Upside Potential

International Man: What makes uranium attractive as a speculation?

Doug Casey: First of all, consider simple physical reality. Uranium is the cleanest, cheapest, and safest form of mass power generation. I understand that most people will be shocked to hear that, so let me explain.

It’s the cleanest. Unlike coal—which generates millions of tons of pollutants that need to be buried or are dumped into the air—a large nuclear power plant only turns out waste that can be measured in cubic yards.

It’s the cheapest. Of course, this is something that’s very hard to determine since the nuclear industry is burdened with so many counterproductive regulations, controls, and requirements. But uranium itself amounts to less than 5% of the overall cost of running a nuclear plant. In a free market—which we don’t have—nuclear would be, by far, the cheapest type of mass power generation.

And it’s the safest. Notwithstanding what happened at Chernobyl—which failed because of backward and shoddy Soviet technology, or Fukushima, which had literally a one in a million chance of occurring—nobody has ever died of because of nuclear power. But many thousands of people die every year from the pollution caused by burning coal. And when a dam producing hydropower collapses, typically thousands of people die. There are risks and costs to absolutely everything.

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One response to “Doug Casey on Why Uranium has Enormous Upside Potential

  1. Fukushima contains several fatal design flaws:

    1. Westinghouse
    2. It’s a damned BWR, where the spent fuel pool is waaaaaaay up many stories above ground level, making it needlessly hard to replenish in the event of loss of offsite power ==> loss of pool cooling / pool boiloff. BWRs are shit.
    3. Emergency diesel generators are 30′ above sea level, in am area known for tsunami, being a Japanese word. Who thought that was OK? See #1 above.

    Only nukes know this, but one of the worst things you can do to a nuke plant is disconnect it from the grid.


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