How Long Can the Ukraine War Last? By Richard Solomon

It can last until no one will extend the U.S. government credit. From Richard Solomon at

Theoretically—Until the US Empire’s Credit Card Gets Declined

What’s the expiration date on the neocons’ Ukraine military adventure? I don’t know. I think Russia will prevail, but not before a Dnieper River of Slavic blood drenches Ukraine’s killing fields and Western nations suffer crippling high-voltage shocks of neoliberal austerity. What would shut down the Ukraine horror show overnight is analogous to the guy who closes his shopaholic wife’s charge accounts after she nearly drives them into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From behind the Saks Fifth Avenue sales counter laid up with designer dresses, the snooty clerk delivers a message that sends the wife into catatonic shock: “I’m sorry, but your credit card’s been declined.” The US Empire may one day hear those words. When that happens, the video screen will flash, “Game Over.” Not just in Ukraine, but everywhere else too.

America spends more on its military than all the next ten countries combined.* (* Scientific American). The US can still conjure up trillions of Houdini digital dollars out of thin air without going into free-fall hyperinflation. This allows US chickenhawks to continue playing Napoleon long after others would have packed up their toys and headed home. The neocons dragged out the Afghanistan debacle for over twenty years.

The Ukraine Project porcupine has sharp quills. The US and NATO spent billions training their Azov neo-Nazi battalions and provided them with a Mount Kilimanjaro pile of weapons. You might not like their Stepan Bandera politics, but it’s hard to deny that Azov are tough bastards. Zelensky can also push millions of forced conscription civilians into the giant rotating blades. However, it’s not just the Ukrainian military that Russia needs to contend with.

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