The Road from Serfdom, by Batiushka

The non-West is throwing off the yoke of the West. From Batiushka at

Introduction: The Pathology

Just like Zionist Jews (and, as we have often said before, far from all Jews are Zionists), the Western elite suffers from a pathological superiority complex, which maintains that it has the right to play at God. Thus, the Western elite belittles Christ-God, proclaiming itself to be the Vicar of God, that is, the Substitute for God, on earth. As such, it resembles Judaism and even Islam, which also proclaim that they are unique Civilisations. However, they have not developed the practical technology of violence. Of Israelite origin, this complex has a theological name and a millennial history of self-justification, the details of which I will not bother readers with here. This ‘Holy and Roman’ Imperial complex was from the outset an ideology which says that the Western elite are the Chosen People and all their crimes are therefore justified. ‘Gott mit uns’ (‘God with us’), as the German Army used to proclaim or, more recently, as George Bush stated: ‘I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George, go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did. And then God would tell me George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq. And I did’. (1)

Cowboys and Indians

The Scottish-American historian, Niall Campbell Ferguson (yes, he would have to be a ‘cursed’ Campbell – ask a Scotsman what that means) is one of their most eloquent contemporary spokesmen, for whom the West is Best and the Rest is Messed (2). This pathology, because that is what it is, has become hereditary narcissism among a large portion, though not all, of Western people. These narcissists call the Non-West ‘backward’, ‘underdeveloped’, ‘evil’ and ‘primitive’. This is because they have not yet ‘advanced’ to the depths of Western barbarism. The problem is that such Westerners view the world through the lens of cowboy films, quite appropriately called ‘Westerns’. In these there are white hats and black hats, good and bad, in other words, the West and the Rest. And the Rest are ‘Red Indians’, ‘natives’, ‘savages’ and must be scalped (the practice spread by Western settlers) and ‘cleared’ like wild animals or else sent to ‘reservations’ in deserts or on some other worthless land, so that ‘progress’ can take place and the natural resources of their stolen lands can be ‘developed’ for ‘civilised’ people to profit by.

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