swedish birthrate data: october is the worst decline yet, by el gato malo

Not only are the Covid vaccines killing people, they are impairing people’s ability to reproduce. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

sorry nordic lovers, i wish i had better news

Lo and Behold: The Viking Sailors Took Cats with Them - BaviPower Blog

i took another look recently at the swedish births data and the worrying trends there that seem so perfectly aligned with the adoption of covid vaccines, drugs known to collect in testes and ovaries and with demonstrated ability to suppress sperm, perhaps quite durably in a subset of the population.

the drop in birth rate was dramatic and seemingly unprecedented, at least in the last 25 years for which i have data.

this led to some competing possible explanations and cause me to lay out some forward testable hypothesis back in july.

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