Forsaken Children of a Forged Pandemic, by David Marks

The way children have been treated during the Covid fiasco reveals the malevolence of the Covid commissars. From David Marks at

Anguish is assured when depravity prevails

In this guest essay, David Marks, a 2022 CHD fellow (Children’s Health Defense) and a veteran journalist and filmmaker, takes a few steps back to look at the unfolding of pandemic events with the experience of children in mind. We know many of these low points, and yet when they are seen sequentially, the tragedy is almost ovwhelming and the challenge clear. This piece will also post on David’s substack —

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By David Marks

As the dark cloud of an ominous pandemic approached, the potential threat was exacerbated by a compromised medical establishment and the duplicity of governments and mass media. Authorities weaponized their response without a full evaluation of perils or objectives. Unfounded fear-mongering and empty assurances exasperated an already existing disorder.

Anxiety and trepidation were instigated to justify the exploitation of the public. Because of hidden agendas, the origin of the virus was obscured. With statistics being manipulated, little is known about the actual virulence of a pathogen that has been blamed for rampant suffering.

Pharmaceutical giants quickly stepped in and opportunistically claimed they would provide all that was needed to eliminate the spread and dangers of a killer virus. To entrench their marketing position, they relied on and reiterated the baseless, widely held conventional wisdom that modern science and bio-medicine hold the only salvation to mitigate a human health disaster.

In lockstep, Big Pharma’s proxies promoted a false narrative exaggerating the risk of agonizing sickness and death. Allied forces in politics and corporate news insisted that mandates and lockdowns were absolutely necessary until a new vaccine was concocted and distributed.

Less incendiary reports predicted there was an emerging powerful strain of the flu, and that it might be dangerous to the elderly or those with pre-existing illnesses. In response to this manageable global health crisis, the public was deceived into thinking they were in great jeopardy and that the only effective solution was the rapid development of untested biotechnology.

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