How the new Cold War solved global warming, by Nick Hubble

The world will just have to get warmer until Putin is defeated. From Nick Hubble at

We continue our 2022 highlights coverage of Fortune & Freedom with a truly heart-warming story from 7 November of how Vladimir Putin solved the problem of climate change…


 Is Russia really worse than climate change?

Good news, everyone. Vladimir Putin has single-handedly solved the problem of climate change. How? By invading Ukraine. To understand, let me take you back in time, to when a white policeman ended the pandemic…

Do you remember any significant event taking place in 2020? Let me help you. It was the year when the issue of racism in the United States became so important that it triggered a global protest movement. A white policeman killed a black man during an arrest, sparking international chaos and a global movement.

Well, believe it or not, that was also the year a pandemic began. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the news or health advice at the time of the George Floyd arrest. The pandemic was simply suspended to make way for the issue of racism. Black Lives Matter suddenly mattered more than saving the NHS.

Public health officials who had demanded we remain in our homes suddenly advocated gathering in large groups. Medical experts who told us to limit our breathing recommended screaming at one other. Advocating for social distancing was replaced with excuses for anti-social behaviour.

Well, it’s the same with Russia and climate change today. Our attempt to punish Russia’s economy for the invasion of Ukraine has taken precedence over saving the planet. The shift is equally swift and absolute.

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