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The UN Discusses Darkening The Skies to Combat Climate Change, by Igor Chudov

Yes, an idea this dumb really is under consideration. From Igor Chudov at igorchudov.substack.com:

Will Bill Gates succeed with his new plan?

A new report from the UN was just published. It proposes and discusses ways to cool our planet by restricting sunlight and darkening our skies.

Source: UNEP Document

What is this about? Why block sunlight, of all things? Let me explain.

The UN is worried about climate change. As the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are faltering, the UN is looking for more ways to cool the Earth. The UNEP’s report details ideas called “Solar Radiation Modification,” the gist of which is to reflect sunlight and prevent it from heating the surface of our planet.

Here are the main ideas that the UN will consider:

  • Injecting reflective nanoparticles/sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere (stratospheric aerosol injection)
  • Brightening of low clouds over the ocean by seeding ocean clouds with submicron salt particles
  • Using space mirrors, that is, many giant mirrors launched into outer space to reflect sunlight.

The UN explains that should the “global stakeholders” decide to proceed, the skies could be darkened within only a few years:

SRM is the only option that could cool the planet within years. To be effective at limiting global warming, SRM would need to be maintained for several decades to centuries, depending on the pace of emissions reductions and carbon removal.

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Where Is This “Climate Crisis” That Activists Keep Talking About? By Tyler Durden

The data is nowhere near as supportive as the climate activists claim. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Climate change hysteria has been an ongoing point of social contention since at least the 1980s.  For the past 40 years, western countries have been relentlessly bombarded with global warming propaganda and predictions of an environmental cataclysm.  Many people spent their formative childhoods and school years being indoctrinated with tales of oblivion – A world in which the oceans rise hundreds of feet and land masses are swallowed by the waves.  A world in which exponentially rising temperatures create havoc with the weather as millions die from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and drought.  

As many of us now know, all of these claims ended up being false.  The glaciers and polar ice caps never melted.  The land is not covered by the seas.  The only famine today is a result of economic disaster, not climate disaster.  And, most endangered species have not disappeared from the planet.  But, climate scientists chasing billions of dollars in funding from governments and globalist think tanks still say the weather Apocalypse is coming; they were wrong for 40 years, but we should trust them now.  The “debate is over” they say, and we must defer to the “experts.”

But where is the evidence of this climate crisis that these well funded scientists and activists keep talking about?  Where are the weather effects?  One can see the very tangible results of our ongoing economic crisis; inflation and high prices, floundering consumers relying on credit cards, mass layoffs in the tech industry spreading to other sectors, etc.  People are experiencing the downturn and they can witness the consequences for themselves.  If the climate cult wants people to take them seriously, they will have to show some kind of visible proof that global warming is real and a legitimate threat.  

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Net Zero You, by Joel Bowman

Our would be rulers are trying to outlaw living. From Joe Bowman at bonnerprivateresearch.com:

Are you the carbon they wish to eliminate?

(Source: Getty Images)

Joel Bowman, appraising the situation from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Welcome back, dear reader, to another Sunday Session, that time of the week when we gather at the virtual saloon to banter with mates and, in the immortal words of the great Aussie band, Cold Chisel, “see which one of us can tell the biggest lie”…

The world’s temperature has been “top of mind” for global elites of late, as last week’s Davos confab brought together a few thousand of the planet’s largest polluters to discuss what you’re doing wrong. Fortunately, the lifeblood appears to be draining from that coven of cackling kooks. (See our cheerful/hopeful obituary here: W.E.F… R.I.P.)

But that doesn’t leave the situation down here at sea level, where the rest of us jilted peasants reside, any clearer. Constantly we are reminded of the “existential crisis” facing mankind. Indeed, barely a day goes by when some righteous politician, ex-royal or hack actor is not on hand to lecture us about our carbon-based transgressions.

Take Jane Fonda, apparently immune to embarrassment, who was wheeled out this week to draw an imaginary line between climate change and… “sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever… the war.

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Extraordinary Claims . . . by Eric Peters

Where’s the evidence? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It’s always a sound idea to start at the beginning rather than in the middle – so let’s do that.

The whole push for “electrification” is based upon a manufactured “necessity” – that of preventing what is styled “climate change.” The assertion itself is so vague as to be without substantive meaning. That’s a good beginning. How are we supposed to have any kind of intelligent debate when the baseline of the debate is so shiftily amorphous? It is certainly not – as the saying has it – “scientific.” That latter being defined by specificity – in order that the specifics can be examined, challenged, proved – or not.

It is telling – or at least, it ought to be so – that the claimed necessity for the extreme measures subsumed under the rubric of  “electrification” is so . . . non-specific.

But we all know what those who use the term as a club mean by it.

They mean the “climate” will “change” in some catastrophic way at some indeterminate point in the ever-elaborating future on account of the added carbon dioxide “emitted” by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, as from gas and diesel-powered vehicles most of all.

It is easy to illustrate the dubiousness of this assertion by simply pointing out the fact that the totality of C02 currently present in the Earth’s atmosphere amounts to just 0.04 percent of the total. The totality of the human-action produced C02 is a fraction of that fraction.

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How the new Cold War solved global warming, by Nick Hubble

The world will just have to get warmer until Putin is defeated. From Nick Hubble at fortuneandfreedom.com:

We continue our 2022 highlights coverage of Fortune & Freedom with a truly heart-warming story from 7 November of how Vladimir Putin solved the problem of climate change…


 Is Russia really worse than climate change?

Good news, everyone. Vladimir Putin has single-handedly solved the problem of climate change. How? By invading Ukraine. To understand, let me take you back in time, to when a white policeman ended the pandemic…

Do you remember any significant event taking place in 2020? Let me help you. It was the year when the issue of racism in the United States became so important that it triggered a global protest movement. A white policeman killed a black man during an arrest, sparking international chaos and a global movement.

Well, believe it or not, that was also the year a pandemic began. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the news or health advice at the time of the George Floyd arrest. The pandemic was simply suspended to make way for the issue of racism. Black Lives Matter suddenly mattered more than saving the NHS.

Public health officials who had demanded we remain in our homes suddenly advocated gathering in large groups. Medical experts who told us to limit our breathing recommended screaming at one other. Advocating for social distancing was replaced with excuses for anti-social behaviour.

Well, it’s the same with Russia and climate change today. Our attempt to punish Russia’s economy for the invasion of Ukraine has taken precedence over saving the planet. The shift is equally swift and absolute.

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To End Climate Lunacy, Stop Treating Warming & C02 Hysterically, by David Simon

It won’t be the end of the world if the temperature goes up a degree or two. In fact, it may well be beneficial. From David Simon at realclearmarkets.com:


Those who oppose economically destructive “climate” policies – like those promoted by the Biden administration and at the recent United Nations COP27 conference – will continue to fail to stop the advance of these policies so long as they continue to accept the false claim that warming of the planet and carbon dioxide emissions are harmful.

They are not. On balance, global warming and CO2 emission are beneficial.

Before getting to why that is, however, it is crucial to understand why accepting the false climate claim is so harmful.

When the destructiveness of climate policies is shown, the response is that the policies nevertheless are necessary to address what President Biden refers to as the “existential threat” of global warming and increased CO2 emissions.

When it is noted that these climate policies will at most microscopically and insignificantly reduce temperatures and CO2 emissions, climate policy mandarins push for even more draconian policies.

The result has been that since the 1990s, climate policies have become increasingly destructive and wasteful. Even worse, their continued intensification appears unlikely to be stopped until the public and policymakers are persuaded that global warming and CO2 emissions are not harmful. As Margaret Thatcher famously said: “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.”

To win this argument, it is necessary to focus on the scientific facts.

A warming planet saves lives. Analyses of millions of deaths in recent decades in numerous countries, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, show that cooler temperatures killed nine times (July 2021 study) to seventeen times (In May 2015 study) more people than warmer temperatures. The planet’s recent modest warming (by 1.00 degree Celsius on average since 1880, as calculated by NASA) thus has been saving millions of lives.

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Extinction Rebellion Activists Have Worn Out Their Welcome And The Public Is Angry, by Tyler Durden

It doesn’t help Extinction Rebellion that their case for global warming is weak to nonexistent. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

When does activism for a cause turn into a narcissistic agenda for attention and self gratification? There’s a fine line, and the Extinction Rebellion movement has surely crossed it with their incessant and self-indulgent drama.

This week, motorists in France were greeted with yet another Extinction group trying to glue themselves to the pavement of a major thoroughfare to block traffic in the name of stopping climate change. However, this time drivers did not simply sit around waiting for the police to arrive; instead, they began dragging the activists off the road by force.

This incident is part of a growing frustration among normal people in response to climate cultism, with the Extinction Rebellion movement making up the bulk of the worst events. In the past several months there have been an increasing number of traffic disruptions and acts of vandalism. The most prominent actions include the attempted destruction of major works of art in national museums, many of them painted centuries before carbon “pollution” was an issue.

This too has prompted museums to become more aggressive in stopping activists from using vandalism as a means to get attention.

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Shellenberger: Media Is Lying About Climate & Hurricanes

The never ending propaganda masquerading as science in the name of climate change. From Michael Shellenberger at zerohedge.com:

Over the last several weeks, many mainstream news media outlets have claimed that hurricanes are becoming more expensive, more frequent, and more intense because of climate change.

All of those claims are false.

The increasing cost of hurricane damage can be explained entirely by more people and more property in harm’s way. Consider how much more developed Miami Beach is today compared to a century ago. Once you adjust for rising wealth, there is no trend of increasing damage.

Claims that hurricanes are becoming more frequent are similarly wrong. “After adjusting for a likely under-count of hurricanes in the pre-satellite era,” writes NOAA, “there is essentially no long-term trend in hurricane counts. The evidence for an upward trend is even weaker if we look at U.S. landfalling hurricanes, which even show a slight negative trend beginning from 1900 or from the late 1800s.” What’s more, NOAA expects a 25% decline in hurricane frequency in the future.

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An Endless Series of Hobgoblins, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Climate change is the go-to hobgoblin and they’re returning to it as Covid fearmongering runs out of stream. From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at theautomaticearth.com:

We need to renew the discussion about climate (change) because one side of that discussion claims that the science is settled. And yes, that is the same thing that happened with Covid, and you can even say the same thing that has happened with Ukraine, and with Donald Trump.

In all these cases, one side of the talking controls politics, media and intelligence agencies. But that doesn’t mean they’re right, even though they may seem to be, in everything you read and hear. And if you’ve followed the Covid discussion, and how could you not have, you know how dangerous this can be, how much open discussion is needed.

There are voices who say that the whole Covid thing was just a dress rehearsal meant to gauge how compliant people can be made, with the ultimate target being make them bend over and take it for the climate. For me, the cultural culmination of this is the move from “sustainable energy” to “green energy” to now “clean energy”. All three are absurdly nonsensical terms, but people use them without a second thought.

What strikes me about this discussion, if you can still call it that, is that the people alarmed about the climate never come with actual solutions. Wind and solar cannot ever replace oil and gas, but that is how they advertized. They only so-called solutions I see all lead to economic collapse (see Europe today), and that inevitable results in the use of dirtier, not cleaner energy. Just wait till people start burning plastic to keep warm.

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Liberals Sit Around Campfire To Tell Scary Climate Change Stories

From The Babylon Bee:

Article Image

YOSEMITE, CA — During a camping retreat this week to recharge for more rioting before, during, and after the midterm elections, a group of progressives sat around a campfire and enjoyed swapping scary stories about climate change.

“Then, the tropical storms combined with the raging wildfires into an inferno – and then, the floods from the melting ice caps filled up with acid rain, and tornadoes broke out!” Gretchen Deebly spoke to her friends with a solar-powered flashlight under her chin, her face barely illuminated from the weak charge. Her friends huddled together under a microfiber Patagonia blanket that provided no warmth, sources confirm, noting that their skinny vegan bodies also failed to provide any warmth. According to sources, the liberals whimpered “This is terrifying!” as Deebly described the inferno-acid-rain-flood-tornado giving way to a radioactive drought.

After the first horror story ended, another one of the liberals spoke up with an even scarier story: “the climate change misinformation proliferation blob.” This story elicited shudders and shivers, with an ever-growing blob of blogs of scary statistics and misleading memes failing to be fact-checked or at least rated “lacking context.”

At publishing time, the liberals had gone to sleep but were all plagued with nightmares, with sounds from the neighboring campsite creeping into their dreams, causing them to rage-cry that the nearby Republicans continued to gloat, chomp on meat, and burn fossil wood instead of the more eco-friendly natural chemical-free firewood made of soy.