General Armageddon’s March to the Sea, by Declan Hayes

After General Surovikin (General Armageddon) gets done, Russia will probably have the Donbass, Crimea, and all of Ukraine’s southern coast on the Black Sea. From Declan Hayes at

Once Russia liberates Odessa and lifts the siege of Transnistria, Borrell, von der Leyen and others will stand naked before truth’s eternal flame.

Although total war has its modern roots in Sherman’s march to the sea, it is an American play-book that has now run its course. It ultimately failed the Wehrmacht, it ultimately failed the U.S. terror machine in Vietnam and, thanks to the fortitude of the Russian Armed Forces, it is spectacularly failing again as General Surovikin bulldozes his way to Odessa.

Just as General Grant’s March Through Georgia broke the back of the Confederate Army, so also is General Surovikin’s march to the Black Sea slicing through NATO’s lies like a hot knife shredding butter, portending future upsets that will hasten the descent of Borrell’s vaunted EU Garden of Eden into the abyss, as its last semblances of credibility, law and order dissipate, just as they long ago died in Kiev, the capital of Zelensky’s rump Reich and just as NATO has long been fixated on destroying them in Syria and Lebanon.

Though chutzpah is a Hebrew word, the NATO’s BBC outlet have that same arrogance, that same chutzpah in spades when they distort the truth to mask that they are the biggest rogues of the lot. Take their coverage of Saudi Arabia’s captagon crisis. There is an insane amount of money to be made smuggling captagon into Saudi Arabia, whose rich kids use it to fuel their interminable orgies. Much of this captagon is produced not in Syria but in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, which has become much more anarchistic with the relative easing of Hezbollah control since the NATO alliance instigated Lebanon’s 2019 financial collapse. Beirut’s large Saudi contingent handle the captagon logistics.

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2 responses to “General Armageddon’s March to the Sea, by Declan Hayes

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    The “Father of all Lies” and his human minions in charge of it all–but, not for long. Lucifer was brought to heel again and again in human history. It won’t be long.

    Houses of cards and lies always fall–but, there will be consequences.

    Which side are you on? Which side? Choose now before it’s too late.


  2. Wonderful, deep essay.
    Thank you.


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