Obesity and the End of the Vaxxing Debate? by Ron Unz

Ron Unz has a different take on the vaxxing debate. From Unz at unz.com:

Over the last couple of years, our alternative media website has been flooded by a vast number of zealous anti-vaxxers, promoting their fears of the Covid vaccines with tremendous energy and commitment.

On its face, such concerns with the Covid vaccination drive hardly seem unreasonable. The vaccines used in most Western countries have been based upon an entirely new mRNA technology, in which the body’s own cellular machinery is actually hijacked to produce portions of the Covid spike-protein, and new medical innovations sometimes have negative consequences. The lockdowns originally implemented to control the Covid epidemic proved highly unpopular and increasingly unworkable, so the vaccines were rushed into production and release, circumventing the long process of clinical trials that would otherwise have been required.

It’s hardly surprising that many people would be unnerved by the widespread use of a radical new medical technology introduced without sufficient testing.

But I don’t have any background in medicine or microbiology, and it seemed that the overwhelming majority of medical professionals believed that the risks of the Covid vaccine were considerably lower than the risks of serious Covid illness. So after waiting a few months, I got myself vaccinated in mid-2021. Neither I nor anyone I knew had any ill effects from the shots, and I soon stopped paying much attention to the issue.

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4 responses to “Obesity and the End of the Vaxxing Debate? by Ron Unz

  1. Where do I send flowers, jackass.


  2. A lot of very smart people who took the notvaxx will rationalise the danger away as a self defense mechanism.
    1100 suddenly dead athletes in the last two years. The same number as in the previous 38 years.
    30,000 VAERS deaths reported.
    Increased cancer rates.
    They will hopefully wake up soon.

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  3. I disagree with Unz. But I’ve no doubt the spike protein causes even more heart damage among the obese.


  4. I think you’re right about that.


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