Normalizing Servitude, by TL Davis

Involuntary servitude can always be normalized, but it can never be moral. From TL Davis at

For all of the speculation about Brunson v Adams, we knew the Supreme Court would never take the case. Didn’t we? There is no end to the humiliation and degradation of those who believe we still live in a constitutional republic. We do not. The sooner folks understand that the United States of America of their youth is gone, consumed by the voracious appetite for power and control of the communists a long time ago, the better. The average American believes that this is not a communist country, because they don’t understand that a permit to build is asking permission from the government to do something with one’s own property. They don’t understand the whole part of “property” which precludes the need to ask anyone anything about it.

I once was talking to a candidate for county commissioner and I asked him the difference between owning something and not owning something. He didn’t understand what I was trying to get at. He said, “well, when you buy something, you own it.” “Like land?” I asked. “I guess,” he replied. “Like this cup off coffee?” I asked, holding up my paper cup. “Yes.” “You don’t see the difference?” “Not really,” he said. “The difference is when I own something, like this cup, no one will ever ask me for another cent, no matter what I do with it, even if I turn it into some sort of dwelling. But land, I don’t own that, because every year I have to pay for it again, to the government, in order to keep it.”

The very concept of property taxes is communist and anyone who benefits from it, or helps to collect it is also a communist. Now think of how embedded the idea of property taxes is in our society and think about how long these communist notions have been festering in a “free” nation.

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