democracy dies in data adulteration, by el gato malo

The people who made all the data decisions concerning Covid are mostly faceless bureaucrats with their own agendas. From el gato malo at

control the data, control the technocracy

there is a reason that people will pay up for vinyl masters and turntables with prices like motorcycles and that reason is simple: once you have injected error into a signal, you cannot take it back out.

you lose fidelity. whatever error you pick up gets amplified through the system, pre-amp, amp, etc. a digital signal, no matter how clean, is not sound. you need a DAC to make it analog again. no speakers no matter how good can fix or replace what you lost. you are now in the realm of estimation and approximation. bad speakers or bad ears may forgive such failings, but the best ones will only serve to reveal them more sharply.

and so it is also with technocratic government: the data is the debate, and it’s the part of the debate that we are losing most badly because so few pay any attention to it.

the public punditry rages around policy and “decision makers” but what informs these people? the data. and who generates that data? who knows? you never hear their names or numbers called, but they are producing the “facts” that feed and inform all else.

who decided to define covid deaths as “any death with a positive PCR test at a 40 Ct” or even a death within 30 days of such a positive test?

who decided to count as a covid case any positive test result using a monstrously over-sensitive diagnostic underpinned by a regime of mass testing of the asymptomatic never before undertaken in human history?

this did not come out of nowhere. someone made these choices and determined what the “data” was going to be for this whole affair. and that person pivoted the whole world upon the fulcrum of this seemingly small technical choice.

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