WEF… RIP, by Joel Bowman

Davos ain’t what it used to be. From Joel Bowman at bonnerprivateresearch.com:

A eulogy for our moral betters, high on hallowed Davos ground

Joel Bowman, appraising the situation from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Welcome back to another Sunday Session, dear reader, that time of the week when we gather at the virtual watering hole to vent our spleen, lament the obscene and foment revolt against the elitist machine… all with the abiding help of a glass or two of Bill’s high altitude Malbec. (You know… “in vino veritas,” and all that…)

As patient readers/reading patients already know, we’ve been ruminating of late over a theory of history… not ours, per se, but rather one handed down by the ancients. We’ve been looking at cycles… those short-, medium- and long-term undulations of the ages.

Briefly stated, we’ve been examining the concept of enantiodromia, which holds that all things, at all times, are in the process of becoming their opposite.

It was Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic philosopher, who first noticed the universal phenomenon, observing that, when it comes to the natural world around us, “change is the only constant.”

A phoenix rises from the ashes… as a youthful body decays. The many who are first shall be last… as the many who are last, shall be first. Powerful empires yield to decadence… as barbarians gather at the gates.

(The clever ol’ Ephesian also reminded us, and for the same reason, that “a man cannot step in the same river twice.” Not only has the river changed, but so too has the man.)

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