The Ultimate Insult

From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at

27 million dead Russians. Russia liberated Auschwitz. Not welcome. The Germans built it, the Poles manned it. They are welcome.


4 responses to “The Ultimate Insult

  1. Buz Ludzha Monument

    They are still butthurt because Stalin stopped the advancing army as the Nazis liquidated the Warsaw Uprising of 1944?
    The 1939 invasion from the east and the brutal treatment of Eastern Bloc countries are recent examples but it goes back to the 1600’s and the Russo-Polish war of 1650.


  2. Auschwitz was an industrial work camp with three different sections. Auschwitz was not a death camp or factory of death as the propagandists would have us believe. In the last months of the war typhus, tuberculosis, dysentery, and other maladies befell a large proportion of the workers, causing deaths. Those who could walk left Auschwitz with the Germans by choice, simply because no one in their right mind wished to be liberated by the Soviet Red Army, which had become a rape and murder machine. A little forgotten fact is that there were more Gentiles than Jews in the camp for its existence. The stories of murdered Jews and gassings every day flogged on the public since the Nuremberg military tribunal til now don’t deserve our empathy or tears. It deserves our contempt for the odious lie this ridiculous propaganda is. The Russians are not missing anything not being allowed for the event


  3. real nice people with their selective memories aren’t they?

    could this display of gratitude (27 million dead Russians. Russia liberated Auschwitz. Not welcome. The Germans built it, the Poles manned it. They are welcome.) give a hint as to the ‘why’ of the past?


    • During the Potsdam conference before Clement Atlee replaced Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin had a lunch, (probably more liquid than solid) where Stalin demanded more slave laborers from the German POWs because the Soviet Union had lost close to five million people so far during this war. Potsdam took place in August 1945, well after Germany signed the terms of surrender. This conversation is an archival fact. Five million is not 27 million and even if we allow another 2 or 3 million Soviet deaths on the periphery of the main battlegrounds this amount of deaths is far smaller than the propagandists’ 27 million mark. It is also interesting to note that immediately after the war, the figure of about 25 million European deaths, Russia included was recorded. Today it is doubled and sometimes trebled by propagandists.


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