Steven Spielberg and the Other Unsmart Coronamaniacs, by Mark Oshinskie

Just because you’re supposedly smart doesn’t mean you think for yourself. From Mark Oshinskie at

In America, being perceived as smart confers social status. Nearly everyone sees themselves as smart. Those who think they’re smart want to control those whom they view as less smart. Many want to be governed by those whom they perceive as smart. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is President. And most governors and all living ex-presidents shilled for the jabs.

How can we determine who’s truly smart?

One way is to stage a public health emergency and see how people react. During the past three years, tens of millions of people—many of whom had college degrees—have demonstrated that they were very unsmart by aggressively supporting lockdowns, school closures, mass asymptomatic testing and mask and “vaccine” mandates. These measures were all downside, with no upside. The failure of, and damage caused by, each was plainly foreseeable.

Many who opposed the extreme Covid overreaction have said that they knew some smart people who fell for the craziness.

Yesterday, for example, I heard two radio talk show hosts discuss Steven Spielberg’s reaction to Covid. They postulated that Spielberg is very smart because many people have paid to watch his movies. Then they played an audio clip in which Spielberg said, when 250,000 people were said to have died of Covid, he thought Covid was “an extinction level event.” Using wildly overstated, official death figures, the US is said to have crossed the 250,000 death threshold in mid-November, 2020.

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One response to “Steven Spielberg and the Other Unsmart Coronamaniacs, by Mark Oshinskie

  1. Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

    Covidians be like all smart and stuff.
    Like a mask that can’t like stop sawdust is like gonna stop a micro-organism like.
    I thought viruses and masks were construct of the white male patriarchy? Honk, honk!
    There is no vaccine with the spoon bending wunderkind from the Matrix!


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