Compensation, by Robert Gore


Value for Value.

Straight Line Logic has never solicited donations because I recoil at that term. The connotation is that the recipient is receiving some sort of charity. I believe compensation, denoting value-for-value exchange, is the appropriate term.

SLL will never put up a paywall. The site has always been dedicated to truth and freedom and that overrides monetary considerations. There are readers who don’t have either the means or the inclination to offer compensation. However, I think there are readers who will if asked. So, I’m asking. SLL will now accept compensation through WordPress via Stripe or by check or money order (please see the sidebar for the mailing address).

What value does SLL offer in return? Simply put, SLL cuts through the reams of intellectual clutter, nonsense, and lies that bombard us daily. SLL is based on the premises that freedom is the foundation of human progress and happiness, truth is paramount, and inquiry and logic are the essential tools for realizing those objectives. What SLL readers perhaps value the most are its clarity and understanding.

Wayne Gretzky: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Through the years, SLL has skated to where the puck is going to be. It’s not by clairvoyance, rather it flows from inquiry and logic.

SLL early on identified the revulsion millions of Americans feel towards those who would rule us, which led to the phenomenal rise of Donald Trump. “Much More Than Trump” traced the groundswell back to the Vietnam War. That article ranks as one of SLL’s most read and reposted. SLL predicted Trump’s victory in 2016.

Before he even took office, SLL saw his clashes with the Deep State coming and later, called out the so-called scandals—from Russiagate to the impeachments—as politically motivated frauds. SLL said that Trump would win in a landslide in 2020 if he got an honest vote count, but also warned that he probably wouldn’t get it.

SLL was one of the first to call the Coronavirus response what it has been—“a totalitarian horror”—whose objectives are power and control, not public health and safety. Through the spring and summer of 2020, SLL shredded the mainstream propaganda, which had unfortunately found its way into much of the alternative media, and deplored the destruction of human rights and freedom. From masks to vaccines, SLL has been resolutely skeptical of the various Coronavirus nostrums, all of which have proved to be ineffective, dangerous, or both. (I’m unvaccinated.)

Now the world confronts an even greater threat: nuclear war. An onslaught of mainstream propaganda has buried the story behind the Ukraine-Russia War, which began not in February of 2022 but with the U.S. sponsored coup in 2014. SLL is neither a Putin lover or hater, but does acknowledge his skills and competence. He made a solid case why he doesn’t want NATO’s puppet on Russia’s doorstep, but the U.S. closed the door to negotiations. That course precluded, Russia has waged a war it is winning, notwithstanding the propaganda to the contrary. The nuclear danger turns on whether Putin’s rationality or the U.S. establishment’s delusional bellicosity prevails. Stay tuned, SLL will continue to tell the full story.

SLL has no monopoly on penetrating analyses and solid writing. Everyday I repost ten to fifteen articles by other bloggers, that day’s best from my reading in the alternative media. Scan the excerpts, read the articles that most interest you, follow the links, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world . . . and why.

Value is not just monetary, it can be measured in terms of time saved, information collected, insight garnered, and clarity realized. SLL’s featured bloggers unearth hard data, challenge authority, and peel back the curtain on corruption and evil. The alternative media is one of the last redoubts against the totalitarianism that threatens to engulf the globe. In the face of mounting risks, the best of the alternative media fights for disclosure, truth, and freedom. If that’s not value, what is?

If Straight Line Logic has value to you, please click the COMPENSATION link below and make either a one-time or regular monthly or annual payments. Those who make larger regular payments can receive signed copies of my books, The Golden Pinnacle, Prime Deceit, or Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather. Those who make really substantial payments will receive signed copies of all my books and my next novel, The Gray Radiance, when it’s published (I hope by the end of this year). They will also receive an invitation to a virtual Meet the Author event. The details are on the Compensation page. I thank in advance anyone who makes a payment or payments, large or small.

Think of that money as a small down payment on inestimable value. The truth isn’t cheap and freedom is never free.

Thank you



One response to “Compensation, by Robert Gore

  1. Max Rockatansky

    That’s how you can tell the true, they don’t have their hands out.
    Truth is the only worthwhile thing in this fallen world.
    It is “out there” and not for the weak or delusional.
    Time is too precious to waste on those who value comfortable lies by any means necessary.


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